HALIOS Fairwind & Universa List

Thanks for your interest in the Halios Fairwind and/or Universa! 

Entering your details on this list will not guarantee you a watch. It will register your (serious) interest and willingness to purchase. This might assist us in securing enough watches once they will become available (not earlier than April). In the past, many people missed out on Halios product releases, so we simply want to make sure that people who are serious about it will be first in line. 

Once the watches are ready, people on this list will have the first right to purchase!

And: you will receive all relevant updates delivered right into your mailbox!

This is how it works:
  • You subscribe to this list (and confirm the link you will receive in your mailbox afterwards).
  • DO NOT enter with more than one email address. We have certain system-based ways to find out and WILL remove all associated entries without further discussion. Trust me, we have learned this from earlier allocations/pre-orders/auctions and got clever about it.
  • You are not obliged to order. We understand that you first want to see how the watches look and what the price will be. 
  • You can select up to 2 watches in this list. Please only select 2 watches if you are intending to purchase two watches. 

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